Pedicab Resurrection

Charissa climbed into the pedicab aside her Mom and off we went for the Easter service at church. Last November, when I put the pedicab into storage, I did not think there would be another pedicab season with Cindy. On a day that is all about the joy of resurrection I am joyful that another pedicab season has been resurrected as well.

We only go to church for special occasions now because Cindy has trouble sitting through an entire service. This being Easter I knew there would be quite a few old friends there to say “hi” to Cindy and that would make her happy. Plus there was a children’s egg hunt after the service and we stayed because Cindy loves to watch kids. Before the hunt was over Charissa had become my agent, lining up kids for pedicab rides around the church parking lot. Each child climbed into the cab next to Cindy and around we went, while Charissa managed the line.

The first time we went out in the pedicab this spring Cindy did not seem to be enjoying herself, but that might have been due to the temperature being in the low sixties. She was OK the next day and was digging the pedicab groove again the third time out, a day when the temperature surpassed 80 degrees.

As did the temperature surpass 80 on this Easter Sunday. After giving kids rides the three of us went on a pedicab jaunt out along West Side Road and back. I would say the ride and the day were a success, but by the time we got back home Cindy was exhausted. I suspect this pedicab season will not work out quite as well, but at least there is another one.

During the church service I made an announcement that I will repeat here. Come join us for a pedicab ride, as this season undoubtedly is your last chance to do so. I know many people don’t want to add their extra weight to the ride, but you are doing me a favor. Vigorous exercise means better health for me. By coming on a ride with us you make Cindy a little bit happier and me a little bit healthier.  Plus you save the $3 a minute you would pay for a NYC pedicab ride. It’s a win-win-win.

We will be at the Norfolk Farmer’s Market on good weather Saturdays, otherwise the best time to arrange a ride with us generally will be between 12 – 2. We could meet at the Town Hall or ballfield for the ride if you prefer. See you there.

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