Announcement: Living Well with Alzheimer’s

We all want to live well, but how can that happen when tragedy strikes? In 2011 my wife Cindy and I began our “early retirement” years, brought about through Cindy’s early onset Alzheimer’s. This blog shares our experiences of living well despite Cindy’s affliction, beginning with our year long hike of the American Discovery Trail.

Cindy and I met and married as long distance hikers. Choosing that as a venue for living well made sense for us. The lessons and inspiration provided in this blog can guide you for living well with your own journeys, despite your own obstacles.

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After our 5,000 mile hike across the country we went on to hike major parts of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014, became snowbirds for two winters and went on our first and only cruise. Once Cindy’s mobility became severely constrained I acquired a pedicab to pedal her around town, getting her out in the nature and pastoral community she loves so much. The pedicab also provided me much needed exercise, as our pursuit of living well applies to both caregiver and patient.

Once Cindy received her official diagnosis for early onset Alzheimer’s, we resolved that our experiences should benefit others. Among these posts are the tales and photos of adventure, beauty, culture, kindness, joy and self-discovery that accompany long journeys, including the long journey of a caregiver. Occasionally I provide information and research on the particular ingredients for living well, including my own Wellness Pyramid.

Over the years of this blog several readers observed they were reading an inspirational love story. We both would be touched if that is the hook to engage you in a mission for living well. In the end we would be most grateful for whatever leads you to benefit from our experiences in your own wellness journey.

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