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Every 67 seconds someone in this country is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, with over five million total now being afflicted, likely including someone you know. This degrading, terminal disease with no known cure causes more deaths than breast and prostate cancer combined, while robbing a person’s memories and ability to function in the process. A cure for Alzheimer’s may or may not be found, but Hope lies in maintaining a high quality of life.  Here are three ways for you to help spread this Hope.

SUBSCRIBE:  This blog reports on two journeys that provide different types of Hope. The first was a 5,000 mile, year long hike of the American Discovery Trail, a journey in which  my wife Cindy’s brain health improved. The second was a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, the top item on Cindy’s bucket list. Though her condition was now too advanced to improve her brain health, she demonstrated that people with advanced Alzheimer’s still can be vibrant and pursue their dreams. Subscribe and share this blog with others to spread the Hope.

LIKE:  I research articles on the Internet and post ones for enhancing lifestyles of Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers, via the Humanity Hiker Facebook page.  Liking this page helps spread the quality of life links to brain health and caregiving.

DONATE:  The only “treatment” currently shown to halt or reverse brain tissue decay is physical activity.  This web site provides you the opportunity to review and share this research, but there is more work to be done, particularly with those more advanced with Alzheimer’s.  The University of Maryland set up a new protocol to study Cindy and other longitudinal cases like hers. You can help spread the hope stemming from this research by donating to the Exercise for Brain Health Research Fund. We would like to at least cover the costs of the tests and research they are doing with Cindy.

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